Lauren Mishcon



A former West End actors’ agent, I live in North London with my husband and two young sons. The birth of my children had a profound effect on me and since then I have felt a strong desire to help other women to achieve their own empowering, positive experience of birth.

I have been working as a birth doula since 2007, completing my training with Nurturing Birth, and am Doula UK Recognised. I have since worked with over 50 families, supporting them and helping them to achieve their ideal birth. I have attended at all of the London maternity units and have experience of natural, VBAC, (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), water births, instrumental deliveries and homebirths.

My philosophy is that there is no right or wrong - childbirth just happens! and being open to it and feeling informed, safe and secure enough to let go is the best way to achieve a positive birth. My ideal scenario is for a woman to labour in a safe, quiet environment of her choosing, with as few distractions and disturbances as possible. My aim is to make sure she feels safe and informed at all times and that she and her partner are continuously supported throughout.

As well as working as a doula, I also write for Juno Magazine and was Pregnancy & Birth Magazine's Doula Expert.



My birth package includes:

  • a free initial consultation to discuss my services and an opportunity for you to ask questions and explore your ideas on birth.
  • unlimited phonecalls and emails throughout your pregnancy and up to six weeks after birth.
  • two antenatal home visits in which we will discuss birth physiology, talk through your birth preferences and explore techniques to help cope with labour.
  • a 24hr, 7 days a week ‘on-call’ period from weeks 38 to 42 of your pregnancy.
  • continuous support through the entire labour and birth process; from established labour until the baby is safely bundled in your arms 
  • a postnatal visit, giving you an opportunity to talk through your birth story, answer any questions you may have and of course admire your beautiful new baby!



Please contact me to discuss my fee.


“Lauren helped me to work through the issues surrounding my previous birth experience, helped me to put that behind me and prepare for the upcoming birth.  Most importantly, she was available and encouraged me to talk at length through my hopes and fears. She was extremely professional and a perfect balance of assertive and gentle. She intuitively knew just what was required in each situation and for me as an individual.” 

"Thank you so much for your invaluable help at the birth. I feel so lucky to have the labour experience I hardly dared dream I would have, especially after a c-section. I have little doubt that your presence and advice (& hugely calming influence) enabled me to have such a quick, smooth, uncomplicated time of it". Tania 2nd time mum to baby Elinora.

"It was great to always have someone trusted with me and close by. She was reassuring and calm which helped me remain calm throughout". Josephine, 1st time mum to baby Kayla